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Arabic domain name pilot project

Closing of the project

The main goal of the Arabic domain names pilot project is to demand the adoption of  the Arabic domain names as one of the Arab nations rights.  with the ICANN announcement of the approval of the new Internationalized Domain Name Fast Track Process the goal of the pilot project had been achieved .

for that the management committee of the project decided to announce the official closing of the project . 

whatever information found in these pages is merrily kept for reference .


As per the recommendations of the 2nd meeting of the Working Group on Arabic Domain Names, formed under the auspices of the Arab League, that was held in Cairo, on the 7th and 9th of May 2005, it was recommended that the GCC Pilot Project for Arabic Domain Names to be extended to include all members of the Arab League. Hence, the project was renamed as follows: "Arabic Domain Names Pilot Project" and it will be under the auspices of the Arab League.  


Implementing a test bed for Arabic domain names (ADN) in the Arab world. This will allow all Arab countries to early experience the use of Arabic domain names, identify their needs, agree on standards, locate possible problems, and develop required tools and policies.  

Strategic Objectives

The project is expected to contribute to strategic objectives, such as:
1. To establish and implement Arabic domain names.
2. To increase the Internet use in the Arab world by addressing linguistic barriers facing Arabic-speaking users.
3. To promote the use of Arabic language and to increase the Arabic content on the Internet.
4. To promote Arab cultural identity on the Internet.  

Short-Term Objectives

1. To make the Internet easier to use for native Arabic speakers.
2. To gain experience and knowledge of using Arabic domain names and share it with the Internet community.
3. To test the implantations of Arabic domain names based on the guidelines drafted by the Arabic Team for Domain Names.
4. To build the local awareness about Arabic domain names.
5. Possibly, to develop necessary tools required fro Arabic domain names and DNS.
6. To develop required policies and guidelines that helps achieving the above objectives.  

Team Structure

Two committees have been created for the management and operation of the project: A Steering Committee and a Technical Committee.
The Steering Committee's tasks include: general supervision of the project, management supervision of the Arabic root servers, and setting policies and procedures which include participation policies and use terms and conditions.
While the Technical Committee's tasks include: providing technical support for participants and users, technical coordination between participants, technical supervision of the Arabic root servers, and enhancing and improving the project from technical point of view.  


All Arab countries are invited to participate in this pilot project and its committees.  


Each participating country is expected to allocate all the needed resources including a DNS server and set up at least one DNS (primary) server for its Arabic ccTLD. The existing Arabic root servers that are being used by the GCC Pilot Project will be available for this project.  


This project will continue as a test bed until the recognition of Arabic TLDs (both gTLDs and ccTLDs) by concerned international bodies, e.g., ICANN and ITU.  


  • Establish and activate the Steering and Technical Committees
  • Prepare and maintain a website for the project.
  • Prepare the Arabic DNS root servers.
  • Prepare the Arabic ccTLD servers for the participating countries and connect them with the Arabic root servers.
  • Register and test Arabic domain names.
  • Test and develop tools supporting the use of Arabic domain names and DNS.
  • Test and develop end-user applications (browsers, email clients, etc) to ensure support of Arabic domain names
  • Draft technical guidelines.
  • Define policies and regulations for registering Arabic domain names.
  • Participate in local and regional activities related to Arabic domain names.

Participated countries

to follow is a list of the participated countries so far ordered by the participation date :

  United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates Network Information Center
  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Network Information Center
  State of Qatar
Internet Qatar
  Sultanate of Oman
Oman Telecommunications Company

State Of Palestine
Ministry of Telecom and IT


Arab Republic Of Egypt
Ministry of Communications & Information Technology


Republic Of Tunisia
Tunisian Internet agency 


Syrian Arab Republic
Tunisian Internet agency 


Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
National information technology center  


Kingdom of Morocco


Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya



Pilot projects documents


The GCC pilot project for Arabic domain names

(Version 0.2) Date: 25 April 2004 Prepared by: GCC-ADNS Taskforce ,all the documents in a single zipped file :



The Arabic Domain Names Pilot Project

Project initiation document, prepared by the working group on Arabic domain names, formed under the auspices of the Arab League.

Project technical  documents, prepared by the working group on Arabic domain names. all the documents in a single zipped file :

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