Arabic Domain names

Arabic Domain Names

Since the Internet was originally evolved in the United Sates, it supported only 7-bit ASCII code (English characters), and the Domain name System (DNS) supports alphabets, numbers and hyphen of the ASCII code.

The activity of supporting multilingual characters in domain names is becoming very important now along other Internet internationalization to make the Internet globally accessible and become ubiquitous.

Therefore, using the Arabic language to express Internet domain names is becoming also important and a number of solutions and implementations have been introduced in the market but based on non-open standards.

Also, there is some non-for-profit international organizations that are trying to promote the multilingual issues and standards on the Internet.

With the recent ICANN announcement of the approval of the new Internationalized Domain Name and the actual delegation and operation of some of the Arabic ccTLDs, Arabic domain names is finally a reality, this site contains some of the work done in the last decade and led to this success.  




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